Am I Eligible? - The Quick Guide to Securing a Mortgage


Re-mortgaging occurs in a number of different situations.  In addition to saving money, we find that the primary reasons our clients seek to re-mortgage are:

• Because their current deal is due to end shortly.

• They’d like a better rate.

• The value of the property has changed significantly.

• Their circumstances have changed significantly.

• To raise capital for a significant purchase.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but these are the usual re-mortgage scenarios.  When you re-mortgage with Mortgage Search Go, we’ll look at the entire scenario including any set up fees on the new mortgage and check for exit fees on the previous.  Often these are forgotten about and can counteract any savings made -  a remortgage is never quite as simple as just finding a better deal!

There’s no cost to discussing your situation, so if you would like more objective and unbiased advice, call us on 0844 69 333 60 or click here to contact a member of the Mortgage Search Go team.