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To achieve the best, you need to look at the bigger picture

How do borrowers know that their mortgage broker is seeking the best possible deal for them? The latest FCA Interim Mortgage Report has indicated that some 30% of borrowers have not had the cheapest mortgage available to them.  Does this constitute value and good service from mortgage brokers?

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Tough love for landlords? All is not lost!

Landlords and the Buy-to-let market could be forgiven for feeling hard done by in recent years. 

The buy-to-let market has been on the receiving end of some tough love when it comes to both tax and lending criteria during the last 24 months.  This, coupled with the new Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) lending rules, may in many instances see some landlords throwing in the rental market towel.

And with some two thirds of landlords claiming that it is now harder to secure buy-to-let finance on a property – it would seem that much of this anecdotal discussion has become more than just hearsay.

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