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Do the new 100% mortgages send shivers down your spine?

Post-credit crunch, you could be forgiven if your initial response to the idea of a new 100% mortgage with the Halifax was disbelief. 

And then when we confirm that it’s true, you could further be forgiven for the visible shivers down your spine.  Have we returned to the early nineties? 

Relax. We haven’t.

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What is this Brexit of which you speak?

Just one thing brings leavers and remainers together on the topic of Brexit .. and that is that both sides of the debate are fed up with it.

For some, the idea of leaving or remaining isn’t too daunting (really, it isn’t). But for others – and by this we mean those who have potentially life-changing decisions to make in the near future – the uncertainty of the UK’s European future is more stressful than the leave/remain debate.

What effect will Brexit have on borrowers?

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