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Zero hours doesn’t have to mean zero mortgage.

Zero-hour contracts have almost become a norm in our every day working lives with something like 883,000 people on such contracts*.  Commonly found in the health and care sector, transport, hospitality, they can also increasingly be found during the festive season in the retail sector.

These contracts have been subject to scrutiny and controversy during the last 18 months (think Uber, Sports Direct and Pimlico Plumbers). Whilst not favoured by everyone, employees on such contracts do have legal rights including national minimum wage, holiday pay and paid breaks. These benefits are much more difficult for employers to calculate as opposed to those on standard contracts, but it is a legal obligation for the employer to do so.

So the world of zero-hours contracts is all rosy.  Or is it? Perhaps our zero-hours workers are looking for a mortgage. Does the regulated, stringent world of mortgage lenders extend to those on zero-hour contracts?

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Mortgages for the self-employed. Cue nervous laughter.

That’s the usual response isn’t it? Laughter.  And it’s entirely understandable. Since the Crunch in 2007, lenders have been playing tough with the employed, so the self-employed have no hope of obtaining a mortgage offer.   Or do they?

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