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Re-mortgagers – will you step to the beat of the interest rate mood music?

It is said that the current mood music in the financial sector is largo; slow and steady. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has consistently warned of future interest rates rises. The first in over a decade at one quarter of a percent came in November 2017 and it’s hotly anticipated the next will arrive during the first half of this year.  If interest rate increases are indeed largo, what does this mean for those on variable rates or whose fixed-term is almost at an end?

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No First-Time-Buyer unicorns here!

It’s no secret that the average age of the First-Time-Buyer in the UK has increased in recent years with the current average age (depending on what you read) at around 30 years old.

With this increase, and following drastic belt-tightening by lenders post credit crunch, you’d be forgiven for likening a First-Time-Buyer to the mythical, and non-existent, unicorn.  Lenders are sending them away in droves, aren’t they?

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