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Mortgage Protection Plans from Mortgage Search Go, Cardiff

We’re so much more than mortgages!  Through our panel of insurers, Mortgage Search Go can advise you on a range of insurance products to help you protect you, your family and your home for the future.

Looking at the wider picture, understanding and analysing any risk, we’ll advise you on the best insurance products to suit your needs. There are numerous types of products on the market and we will happily discuss any or all of them with you regarding their benefits and drawbacks for you.

The most popular insurance products we advise on are: 

• Buildings insurance – If you are mortgaging a freehold property, it is your responsibility to arrange the insurance of the building. The property is the lenders security and so insurance is compulsory.

• Contents insurance – This insurance is not compulsory but is advisable as it protects personal possessions in your house in the event of theft or fire, for example.

• Life insurance – This insurance will clear your outstanding mortgage off in the event of your death giving some degree of security to your family and dependants at a very uncertain time. 

• Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) – This covers your mortgage payments if you are unable to work due to accident, sickness, or unemployment.

• Critical illness insurance – This provides a payout should you be diagnosed with a certain critical illness. Most policies cover: heart disease, a stroke, renal failure, cancer, paralysis, a major organ transplant and coronary artery bypass surgery. The payment ensures that your mortgage repayments are maintained.

• Income protection – This protects you against losing your income through disability, no matter how it is caused. It provides a monthly tax-free income for a set period of time - normally until retirement, death or return to work

It is important when taking out an insurance policy, that you answer all questions accurately and honestly and to the best of your knowledge on an insurance application, otherwise, it could invalidate any claim on the policy.