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What's stopping you getting a mortgage


What’s stopping YOU getting a mortgage?

It’s tough at the moment isn’t it?

There are so many people trying to buy a property, or trying to raise money on one they already own.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of mortgages being approved and taken up. Lenders have money to lend, that’s not the problem. But they are being more cautious with their lending, the main reason being COVID-19.

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Holiday Let Mortgage Advice in Cardiff

What’s unique about a holiday let client? And what does that mean when applying for a mortgage?

Holiday let clients are dreamers.

I mean, who wouldn’t dream of owning a holiday home on the coast, at your favourite holiday resort by the beach? Sounds great doesn’t it?
But what if, as well as that, it’s an investment as well? I mean, that’s just being greedy, right?
Maybe, maybe not. You see, it is possible to buy a holiday let property with a mortgage specifically designed for this very purpose.

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