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Ready, steady, GO? Getting ready to apply for a mortgage.

Applying for a mortgage certainly gets the adrenalin running, doesn’t it? It’s full of nerve-wracking excitement and anticipation like few other things in life.  And then we fill out our forms – and hope that this is the point at which we don’t stall.

Buying a property isn’t usually a spur of the moment thing. In order to reduce worry, stress and the potential for the deal to come to a halt, there are things that you can do to ensure that you are as mortgage-ready as you can possibly be. 

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Decisions Decisions

Daily life is full of decisions isn’t it? Which Milk Tray chocolate do you take? Jam or cream first on your scone?  Milk or hot water first in your tea?  All important. And all can add or remove value to our day; but none of them have a lasting effect.

There are other decisions of course that have a longer-term effect. Dare we give the example of Brexit or Remain?  But perhaps even more immediate, the decision on where to look, and which mortgage to select is a much longer-term decision that could have a prolonged effect on your every-day life if you make a poor choice.  

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